It’s been a long time + ambitious new version

I know. It’s been an awfully long time. Work has been crazy and Pins didn’t get all the tlc it deserved lately. But that’s about to change. What I’m finishing off right now is a completely new and detached api on the cloud. This will have two consequences: 1) your bookmarks will virtually be available anywhere (including, when the frontend is done, on any web browser) at any time. 2) there will be no more sync, because all data will live in your online account. 3) of course this means Pins will only work while your computer is actively connected to the internet.. but let’s face it: what good is a bookmarking app if it’s offline, right? It’s very nature, I believe, allows for this minor inconvenience in order to gain such great benefits.

I’m thinking of adapting the coming version of Pins for mac to the new api. The best thing would be to allow a user to choose whether to jump on the online version or not. But the newest versions will probably only support the online versions anyway, it makes more sense. Also I think that the best option here is to make Pins itself free to try and have different options as in app subscriptions. But of course all existing Pins users would at least get either a discount or a free year or something. But I’m just thinking out loud here, and of course I’m interested in your opinion on the matter. I think that the benefit of having Pins on the cloud (which will finally allow to have your bookmarks really anywhere and constantly in sync without any hassle) is worth it.

So that’s it for today’s update. Now let’s get back to work. Have a great day!

  • ignatiusjeroe

    Great news! When will it be done? I’ve been waiting months for it, the current version has some bugs that are quite annoying.

    • Between a big freelance project and vacation I’ll resume working on this in early September. I expect to be able to finish the new online api and adapt the current version of Pins to that within the end of the year. I wish I had the bandwidth to do this sooner but this is for now as good as it gets. Hang in there a little longer please 🙂