Pins 2.0 will run on Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. The upgrade to version 2 is completely free for existing customers.

All versions of Pins prior to 1.6 can run on OSX 10.6.8+, 10.7+, 10.8+ and 10.9+
Starting from version 1.6 only OSX 10.7+ , 10.8+ and 10.9+ are supported.
Non Mac App Store versions can be registered with an email and serial number.


The Pins application window is divided into a folders view, a main bookmark list and an edit view.
The folders view is the one on the left of your window and contains different sections:

  • Library (contains your inbox, your recent imports (if any) and all your bookmarks neatly categorized into folders, plus a view on your whole bookmark library)
  • Tags (contains a view of all used tags. Clicking on a tag will show bookmarks with that particular tag)
  • Popular (contains a view of the bookmarks that have been visited most, are rated with five stars or that have annotations but also color tag navigation)
  • History (contains a view of the bookmarks you have visited Today, Yesterday or the current week)
  • Clean up (contains a view of your duplicated bookmarks or the one with broken links)
  • Trash (contains a view of your trashed bookmarks)

Before adding bookmarks to your library you will need to create a new folder with the plus button in the lower left corner of the folders view. Bookmarks can only be organized in folders. Other places where you can find bookmarks is in the inbox (when dragging addresses from your browser or when adding bookmarks directly from your browser with the pins extension button available for Safari and Chrome). Folders can be moved at will by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

To quickly go to the bookmarks list from your keyboard use the ⌘ + right arrow key combination

To quickly go back to the folders view from your keyboard use the ⌘ + left arrow key combination

To select the thumbnail view (the one displayed in the image) use the thumbnail view icon on the right bottom of the window or from the menu select view->Thumbnail view or use the ⌘ + down arrow key combination

To select the compact view (a more compact/easy to read list with no thumbnails displayed) use the compact view icon on the right bottom of the window or from the menu select view->compact view or use the ⌘ + up arrow key combination

In the Editor panel you can add a note, add tags to the currently selected bookmark and change the bookmark’s rating. You can also favorite a bookmark or color tag it. If you click on the title or url you can change them on the fly. To add a manual image as thumbnail click on the thumbnail button and choose the image file you’d like to use.

The information view shows stats about the selected bookmark such as the date the bookmark was added, updated, visited, the number of visits, if the bookmark has been imported and from which source and which folder it is stored in.


Adding a new Folder

To add a new folder click on the + button under the left navigation panel.

Renaming a folder

To rename a folder click on it once and type the new name.

Deleting a folder

To delete a folder select it and click on the – button under the left navigation panel. All subfolders will also be deleted. All bookmarks contained in the deleted folder or in any of its subfolders will be moved into the trash bin.

Moving Bookmarks into a folder

To move one or more bookmarks into a folder select them and drag them onto the desired folder to move them from their old folder into the new one.  Bookmarks can only be moved into folders, onto the inbox.

Moving Folders

Folders can be ordered at will by dragging them around. Make sure that the folder you are moving is highlighted before dragging it. A Folder can also be dragged onto another folder thus becoming a subfolder. Folders can only be reordered when the folder sorting is set to Manual. If alphabetically sorted you will not be able to drag and reorder folders.

Fetching Images

Images will be fetched automatically as long as you have an active internet connection. You can in some cases apply your own image as thumbnail if you like or need to. Just select the bookmark and right click to pop up the menu and choose the option to add your thumbnail manually.

Private folders

Since version 1.8 you can password protect a whole folder. You’ll need to set a main Pins password (please remember it!) and from then on if you lock a folder its content will only be visible by unlocking it with your password.

Viewing tags

To view the available tags and filter/search by them just click on the tag button under the folder list (the button allows you to toggle between folder view and tag view). From there click on any tag to see the bookmarks that have that particular tag. If you click on multiple tags all bookmarks containing any of the selected tags will be shown. A quicker way to achieve this is to use the find tags field where you can just type in part of the tags separated by space or comma.

To edit a tag name just use slowly click two times on a tag name in the list so that it becomes editable, same as with folder names, you can then change it and click anywhere to save the new name. To delete a tag from all bookmarks just hit backspace on one or more selected tags and confirm.


The Bookmarks List

The bookmark list represents the main part of Pins. Here you can view all the bookmarks in your library, the ones in your inbox, or the ones contained in the folder you have selected. You have three different options for viewing bookmarks: thumbnail (as shown in the picture below), extended or list according to whatever works best with your workflow. Select your preference from the Menu-> View.


Bookmarks Sorting

Bookmarks can be sorted by Title (A-Z) and by Date (last added on top or first added on top). You can choose to have your highest rated bookmarks, your favourites,  and/or the ones you visit the most on top of the list for easy retrieval. Sorting can be tweaked in the Pins Preferences panel (menu: Pins->Preferences or key combination ⌘ + ,). or by using the quick sort buttons on the bottom (center) of the Pins window, right under the bookmarks.

Adding a Bookmark

To add a new bookmark from the menu go to bookmarks -> Add or press ⌘ + N. If the bookmark address starts with “http://” this can be omitted, e.g. can be written as . Where the bookmark starts with “https://” the whole address is needed. Multiple bookmarks can be added at a time by separating them with a comma, e.g.,,
You can also add a new bookmark from the Add button on the toolbar. If a folder is currently selected in the folder list, the new bookmark will be added to that folder. Otherwise the new bookmark will be added to your inbox.

You can also add a bookmark by selecting an URL (The complete internet address in your browser) and dragging it either on the Pins icon or on the Pins window (you can do this easily in Safari by clicking and holding the little icon on the left of the internet address and dragging it onto the Pins icon or window). The new bookmark will be added to your inbox.

Another way to add a new bookmark (and probably the most useful one) is to use the Safari / Chrome Extension (that can be downloaded from the website). This extension will add an icon with a pin and a plus sign. Clicking on it will automatically add the page you are currently viewing in your browser to your inbox in Pins.

Opening Bookmarks

To open on or more bookmarks select them from the list and either press the Open button on the toolbar or use the menu (Bookmarks -> Open) or the key combination ⌘ + ⏎. Safari usually opens one window for each bookmark. If you would like to open new bookmarks in new tabs in the existing window instead you can do so from the Safari preferences: go to Tabs and set “Open pages in tabs instead of windows” to “Always”.

Editing a Bookmark

To edit a Bookmark select it and then use the editor pane on the right to change the title, url, add notes and tags or store your credentials. From there you can also assign a color tag to the bookmark selection or mark them as favorite or rate them.

Previewing a Bookmark

To preview a bookmark select it from the list and either press the space bar (just as in quick look) or press the preview button on the toolbar. Since version 1.7 the preview is a live view of the web page.

Updating a Bookmark’s preview image / thumbnail

You can update any bookmark thumbnail preview by selecting one or more bookmarks and then from the menu click on (Bookmarks -> Update) or press ⌘ + U. You can also use the Update button from the toolbar.

Deleting Bookmarks

To delete one or more bookmarks select them and either press the delete button on the toolbar or use the menu Bookmarks->delete (key combination ⌘ + ⌫). Deleted files will be placed in the trash bin available on the bottom of the left navigation panel. Bookmarks can be permanently deleted from the trash by emptying the trash (right click on trash -> empty trash) or by selecting one or more bookmarks in the trash and again deleting by pressing the delete button on the toolbar or from the menu.

Demo version limitations

The demo version has a time limit of 14 days and is otherwise fully functional.


Editor view

From within the editor view it will be possible to either edit Notes/Tags/Rating/Favourite/Color tags and title and url as well.

Adding a Note

To add a note to a bookmark open the Inspector view and select the Notes/Tags/Rating icon. Just write your text in the notes field. An extract from the note will be shown on the bookmark view in the main list as well. It is only possible to add a note to one bookmark at a time.

Tagging a Bookmark

To add one or more tags to a bookmark open the Inspector view and select the Notes/Tags/Rating icon. You can enter any tags you like. These tags will show on the tag filtering view on the upper left side of the main view. Remember to either hit enter twice or click on a thumbnail to fixate the new tags.

Rating a Bookmark

To rate a bookmark (0 to 5 stars) open the Inspector view and select the Notes/Tags/Rating icon. Then simply click and drag your mouse on the rating view to increase/decrease the rating for your selected bookmark. It is only possible to rate one bookmark at a time.

Store username and password for a site

To store the username and password for a site use the fields in the bottom right of the Inspector view. Passwords are hidden. To copy a password use the button, select and copy will not work on password fields.


Any bookmark can be searched for by keywords in the title, address, and notes. This means that if you have a word like “sheep” in bookmark’s note than that bookmark will show up in the search results just as much as if the title were “Objective Sheep” and the address were “”.

Find a Bookmark in your Library

To search for a bookmark in your whole library select find button on the toolbar and then select the search field that appears in the bookmarks list. Start typing and watch your bookmarks being filtered with the search results. A quicker way to do this is to use the menu (Edit->Find in Library) or using the key combination ⌘ +  F.

Find a Bookmark in the currently displayed folder or selection

To highlight a bookmark in your current selection use (Edit->Find in Library)  or the key combination ⌘ + Option + F. This will let you easily refine your search or quickly find something you know is in a specific folder or tag.

Native Support for Delicious and Pinboard

Since version 1.8 Pins is a full Delicous and Pinboard client. You can fill in your creds by either clicking on the delicious/pinboard items on the folder list or by going into Preferences. Once linked your online bookmarks will appear within Pins. Every change you do to these bookmarks will be reflected on your online account and vice versa. This makes Pins really great for keeping you delicious and pinboard bookmarks in top shape without using the browser. To add your Delicious or Pinboard account just click on the Delicious/Pinboard folder and insert your credentials. From then on all your online bookmarks will be loaded and shown in those special folders. A few things to know:

– if you drag a Delicious/Pinboard bookmark to another folder you are moving it out of Delicious/Pinboard and it will no longer be available online but only within Pins. If you’d rather keep them both you can make a copy of that bookmark by keeping the alt button pressed while dragging.

– if you drag one or more bookmarks from a folder or from your library onto the delicious/pinboard special folder they will become part of your online bookmarks and will no longer be in your original Pins local folder. Again if you’d rather copy just keep the alt (option) key pressed while dragging.

– if you delete a bookmark from within the special pinboard/delicious folder it will be removed from your online account too.

– if you add bookmarks to your special folders they will be available online too

– the Delicious/Pinboard folders will automatically refresh their content if selected after 10 minutes. Otherwise you can right click on the folder and from the menu force a read from the online service.

Import, Sync, Backup and Restore

Importing Bookmarks from your Safari or other Browsers (including imports from Instapaper and Pocket)

Bookmarks can be exported from any browser into a standard HTML format that can be easily imported into Pins through the menu (Bookmarks -> Import) or using the Import button on the toolbar. Pins supports importing bookmarks from Safari , Firefox , Chrome and even from Instapaper and Pocket (Read it later). In any case the bookmarks will have to be exported from the browser or online bookmarking service in HTML format and saved to your Mac before you can import that same file into Pins. You can choose not to import duplicates if any are found in the html file. The time it takes to complete the import depends on the number of bookmarks being imported. With many bookmarks Pins may be working for a couple of minutes. Previews can later be fetched by selecting a folder and clicking the right mouse button to show a popup menu. From there select “Fetch missing images”. If you prefer to use the compact view there is no need to fetch the images (thumbnails) for your bookmarks.

To export your bookmarks from Safari use the Safari Menu -> File -> Export Bookmarks and save the resulting HTML file on your disk. From Pins import the Safari HTML file with Menu -> Bookmarks -> Import from browser (html), select your previously saved Safari file and click on open. Wait a while for the imoprt to start.
To export your bookmarks from Firefox use the Firefox Menu -> Bookmarks -> Show all bookmarks and from the opened window click on the Star button and from there Export bookmarks to HTML and save the resulting HTML file on your disk. From Pins import the Firefox HTML file with Menu -> Bookmarks -> Import from browser (html), select your previously saved Firefox file and click on open. Wait a while for the imoprt to start.
To export your bookmarks from Chrome use the Chrome Menu -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark manager and from the opened window click on the “Organize” button and from there Export Bookmarks to HTML file and save the resulting HTML file on your disk. From Pins import the Chrome HTML file with Menu -> Bookmarks -> Import from browser (html), select your previously saved Chrome file and click on open. Wait a while for the imoprt to start.

Synchronizing your Pins Library

If you want to keep your Pins library synchronized across multiple Macs you can use the Pins Sync functionality by either using your Dropbox account (preferred method since version 1.7) or by registering for a free account from the menu (Preferences -> Sync -> run wizard) and then using your email and password when synching Pins for the first time. When synching the Pins library your sync data will automatically be available to all computers linked to your online account. So if you open Pins on another computer just click on the Sync button giving the same email and password you registered with and your library will be updated. To synchronize your complete Library use the Sync button in the toolbar or the menu (Bookmarks->Synchronize). When you want to update to the newest modifications from another computer click on the Sync button in the toolbar (or menu -> Bookmarks -> Synchronize). Only URL addresses will be synched (starting with http:// or https:// , javascript: urls will not be synched). Sync may take some time (up to a minute) in case of a very large library with thousands of bookmarks.

Important notice: due to Apple restrictions the iCloud option is available only for Mac App Store copies of Pins. Pins account (free) and Dropbox (your own account) are always an option though.

Saving and Sharing Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be shared with anybody. Just select a folder and click with the right mouse button. From the popup menu select “Share”. You can also use the share button in the toolbar or the menu (Bookmarks->Share). Only whole folders can be shared along with al their content (bookmarks and subfolders). Your Shared Bookmarks file can be sent via email or published on the internet (just compress it first). You can find the folders you shared in your Downloads folder on your Mac. On OS X 10.8+ you can also share bookmarks directly on Facebook! Right click on the selected bookmarks and select share with facebook from the popup menu.

Importing a shared Bookmarks file

A shared bookmarks file has the same application icon as Pins itself. It can be imported by simply double clicking on it. Another way to import a shared bookmarks file is to use the menu from within Pins (Bookmarks->Import). The resulting folder will be placed in your Imports in Pins.

Backup and Restore

You can backup and restore your whole Pins Library if needed. To do this use the Pins Menu -> Bookmarks -> Backup/Restore. You can backup a file to your hard drive. This file must always have the default .pinsbck extension to work properly so please don’t change that. Restoring a previously saved backup will erase everything from your Library and restore all bookmarks and folders that were in your Library at the time of the backup. Keep this in mind when restoring. Since version 2.0 there is an auto backup feature that backs up your database and that can help us get back your data in case anything goes really wrong. Just keep that in mind. If you should need to recover your data from there just drop me a line at support [at] and I’ll help you out.



The Bookmarks Tab allows you to choose the the way bookmarks are viewed in your library. If selecting “multiple columns” the bookmarks will take up from 1 to 3 columns depending on your monitor real estate. The “Show bookmarks from subfolders” option will show the bookmarks contained in the currenlty selected folder and in all its subfolders. This might turn out useful. The price to pay is a slower performance though… so keep that in mind.

You can also let Pins warn you when you are adding a bookmark that is already present in your library. In this case you will be asked wether you’d like to still add it or ignore it and move on. You can also choose to automatically skip duplicates when adding bookmarks from the browser extensions. New bookmarks can be stored either in your inbox or in the folder that is currently selected (if Pins is started). Use the proper checkbox to select the behaviour that suits your workflow.


The Sorting Tab allows you to choose the way your bookmarks are sorted. There are now also quick sort buttons under the main bookmarks list to help you figure out in real time what sorting you need in a given moment.


The Search Tab allows you to set the keyboard shortcut for the Pins menu bar search.


The Sync Tab allows you to set your email and password (pins sync account) on your Macs. You need the same account on your macs in order to sync the Pins library. If you don’t have a Pins account yet you can get one for free. Starting with version 1.7 you can also choose to use Dropbox for synching.