Version 2.1 is out

Hi there. It’s been a while but there’s a new version on the Mac App Store and on the website for download. This fixes some Dropbox issues and iCloud synching issues as well (for the Mac App Store version). Also some fixes where backup is concerned. Working hard on the next version and booking progress. Hang in there and Happy Holidays 🙂

Pricing questions on coming version

Hi there. There’s been a bit of debate lately about moving future versions of Pins to a subscription based plan. This has been frowned upon by a lot of users. I have given it some thought and I understand their point of view. Subscription based, even if the fee is small, is still a little scary. I get that.

So please let me clear up some confusion about how the pricing will work with the coming cloud version of Pins. I gave it some though and here’s what I came up with.

I will NOT move Pins to a subscription based payment plan. You just pay for the app and enjoy it until a next major version comes out. Each app (Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Browser)  will have it’s own license and you’re free to just buy what you need.

The new version will be a completely rewritten app and data will be hosted on the cloud. Your bookmarks will easily and fully be available anywhere you need them, even in your browser and on windows and linux and mobile. There will be client apps for each platform and it will also work on the web. I think this is a gigantic leap forwards given the complexity and glitches that Synching has brought along in the past. It will also solve any kind of duplication and broken links issues.

I’m a one man shop and I do this out of passion… the new version is in the making but will take more time. I don’t have a clear deadline yet. Please hang in there. I’ll still be updating Pins 2.x in the mean time.

Many users have expressed their concern about moving to a subscription based plan…  so I hope this is good news 🙂


It’s been a long time + ambitious new version

I know. It’s been an awfully long time. Work has been crazy and Pins didn’t get all the tlc it deserved lately. But that’s about to change. What I’m finishing off right now is a completely new and detached api on the cloud. This will have two consequences: 1) your bookmarks will virtually be available anywhere (including, when the frontend is done, on any web browser) at any time. 2) there will be no more sync, because all data will live in your online account. 3) of course this means Pins will only work while your computer is actively connected to the internet.. but let’s face it: what good is a bookmarking app if it’s offline, right? It’s very nature, I believe, allows for this minor inconvenience in order to gain such great benefits.

I’m thinking of adapting the coming version of Pins for mac to the new api. The best thing would be to allow a user to choose whether to jump on the online version or not. But the newest versions will probably only support the online versions anyway, it makes more sense. Also I think that the best option here is to make Pins itself free to try and have different options as in app subscriptions. But of course all existing Pins users would at least get either a discount or a free year or something. But I’m just thinking out loud here, and of course I’m interested in your opinion on the matter. I think that the benefit of having Pins on the cloud (which will finally allow to have your bookmarks really anywhere and constantly in sync without any hassle) is worth it.

So that’s it for today’s update. Now let’s get back to work. Have a great day!

Delicious API not working

Delicious has recently changed the way a user authenticates on their api and on top of this api doesn’t seem to be working at all at the moment. Other delicious clients have the same problem. For now Pins is NOT working for Delicious. I’m sorry about this but it’s beyond my control at the moment.

What I’m working on… a glimpse of the future

Pins 3 will be a complete rewrite. I’m busy building the new API in Golang and they’re going to be blazingly fast. The new app (both Mac and iOS) will be a rewrite in Swift. The timeline is still long (talking about a year probably) but having the new API will allow us to have a Mac, and iOS and even a Web App (so windows users will be able to use Pins from the web if they want). There will be just one user account for all platforms and there will be no more synching or duplicates. Everything will instantly be available on all your copies of Pins. The new version is going to blow your minds… I promise.

In the mean time I’m still busy with Pins 2 both fixing bugs and adding features. I just wanted to give an update on what is to come 🙂

The new API will probably be the first thing that will be in production and one of the coming 2.x versions of Pins might switch to that already so that syncing and duplicate nightmares will be a thing of the past. If you have any feedback or questions please let me know.

Have a great day guys and enjoy using Pins!

On second thought 2.0.5

2.0.5 will still be coming out. Working on 2.1 is taking slightly longer than expected, especially because I need to find a really really easy way to select folders with autocompletion on the quick edit form.


In the mean time there’s a couple of bugs I really need to squash and get you guys a cleaner build. First of all there was some funky behavior with folders drag and drop not getting into the right place and/or quitting to work completely. I fixed this yesterday and it will soon be available.

The updated date for bookmarks was also misbehaving. Not saved when it should be and it was not persisted during sync on an empty library, resulting in not being able to sort correctly by date. This I fixed this morning (ah Sunday mornings… while the rest of the family is still happily dreaming 🙂 )

Next on my list is some quirks with new pinsapp accounts and first time sync and iCloud sync. And of course the Firefox extension!!

So stay tuned… version 2.0.5 is nearing its release date…

[UPDATE] Version 2.0.5 is available on and has been submitted for review on the MAS

Version 2.1 in the making…

The biggest new feature for version 2.1 will be a popup form when adding bookmarks from a browser extension. It will allow to prefill with folder/tags/title/notes and so on. This way it will be easy to get bookmarks into Pins in one shot and with quick editing with no need to open Pins and find what you just bookmarked. I’m also thinking of adding an internal web browser that can later be expanded to accomodate for some developer goodies such as saving whole page in pdf and web archives. Thoughts and comments as always welcome 🙂

Firefox 40 extension

The new FF extension is done and will now need to be reviewed and approved by Mozilla. I’m aware that the extension is currently not operating (visible) on Firefox 40+ so please use the generic bookmarklet available on in the mean time! It will do the job just fine until the official add-on is available.

[UPDATE] The Firefox Addon has been approved. FF users rejoice! Pins will now work smoothly from within Firefox again.

Pins Video Tutorials

I’m adding some nice video tutorials to cover the basics of using Pins. I think this will help users get the best out of Pins with the least possible effort. Hope you like it!

Here’s the link to the brand new Pins youtube channel