Pricing questions on coming version

Hi there. There’s been a bit of debate lately about moving future versions of Pins to a subscription based plan. This has been frowned upon by a lot of users. I have given it some thought and I understand their point of view. Subscription based, even if the fee is small, is still a little scary. I get that.

So please let me clear up some confusion about how the pricing will work with the coming cloud version of Pins. I gave it some though and here’s what I came up with.

I will NOT move Pins to a subscription based payment plan. You just pay for the app and enjoy it until a next major version comes out. Each app (Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Browser)  will have it’s own license and you’re free to just buy what you need.

The new version will be a completely rewritten app and data will be hosted on the cloud. Your bookmarks will easily and fully be available anywhere you need them, even in your browser and on windows and linux and mobile. There will be client apps for each platform and it will also work on the web. I think this is a gigantic leap forwards given the complexity and glitches that Synching has brought along in the past. It will also solve any kind of duplication and broken links issues.

I’m a one man shop and I do this out of passion… the new version is in the making but will take more time. I don’t have a clear deadline yet. Please hang in there. I’ll still be updating Pins 2.x in the mean time.

Many users have expressed their concern about moving to a subscription based plan…  so I hope this is good news 🙂