On second thought 2.0.5

2.0.5 will still be coming out. Working on 2.1 is taking slightly longer than expected, especially because I need to find a really really easy way to select folders with autocompletion on the quick edit form.


In the mean time there’s a couple of bugs I really need to squash and get you guys a cleaner build. First of all there was some funky behavior with folders drag and drop not getting into the right place and/or quitting to work completely. I fixed this yesterday and it will soon be available.

The updated date for bookmarks was also misbehaving. Not saved when it should be and it was not persisted during sync on an empty library, resulting in not being able to sort correctly by date. This I fixed this morning (ah Sunday mornings… while the rest of the family is still happily dreaming 🙂 )

Next on my list is some quirks with new pinsapp accounts and first time sync and iCloud sync. And of course the Firefox extension!!

So stay tuned… version 2.0.5 is nearing its release date…

[UPDATE] Version 2.0.5 is available on pinsapp.com and has been submitted for review on the MAS