Version 2.1 in the making…

The biggest new feature for version 2.1 will be a popup form when adding bookmarks from a browser extension. It will allow to prefill with folder/tags/title/notes and so on. This way it will be easy to get bookmarks into Pins in one shot and with quick editing with no need to open Pins and find what you just bookmarked. I’m also thinking of adding an internal web browser that can later be expanded to accomodate for some developer goodies such as saving whole page in pdf and web archives. Thoughts and comments as always welcome 🙂

Firefox 40 extension

The new FF extension is done and will now need to be reviewed and approved by Mozilla. I’m aware that the extension is currently not operating (visible) on Firefox 40+ so please use the generic bookmarklet available on in the mean time! It will do the job just fine until the official add-on is available.

[UPDATE] The Firefox Addon has been approved. FF users rejoice! Pins will now work smoothly from within Firefox again.